Holistic Urology & Herbal Medicine

We offer herbal therapies for patients who want to take a more natural approach to their medical care.


For many centuries, herbal remedies have been used in treating common medical conditions. In many instances, today’s FDA approved medications stemmed directly from herbal concoctions of centuries past. Even in today’s modern healthcare system, there are lots of medical diagnoses that are being managed with herbal products, either under the direct care of a physician or by consumers using common-sense home remedies. Arthritis is perhaps the most common, with millions of people taking various plant extracts and glucosamine. Almost every corner market carries “energy boosters” laden with ginseng, vitamins, and plant sterols. In urology, palmetto berries have been used as an age-old supplement for prostate health.

Herbal products offer consumer appeal because they are inexpensive (as compared to the high costs of prescription medications) and they are available over-the-counter (no doctor visit or prescription is required). Many medical professionals regard alternative medicine as “complementary” to conventional medicine, using them as cost-effective general health supplements.

In general, the established mainstream medical community likes to see formal data on research, development and quality control in any aspect of medicine involving patient care. As opposed to the body of conventional medical knowledge, “alternative medicine” often has not been scientifically tested and in many cases is based on casual observance rather than intense, professional scrutiny. Holistic Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, and Herbal Medicine are categories that commonly fall into this “alternative medicine” category.

If you’re interested in herbal medicine or natural treatments, consult your doctor for more information.